Who will Take Care of Teachers?

Dear “Ex” Chief Justice,
I know you had good intentions for parents and yes all agree that schools are businesses ran by profit seekers. It’s a plan and simple business model, where students are products and parents are customers. But reducing 20% of fee blindly is not a solution, because school management’s not going to reduce this profit margins, instead they will reduce their costs. And that simply means to reduce salaries and benefits of teachers probably they won’t even pay the teachers in summer!
A lot of Schools will not give increments this year! So tell me will inflation stop?
Will it solve the problems of the teachers who are already under paid? You know a teacher is earning 16 thousand per month in a private school in Lahore. Some are learning even less than that you know car drivers earn 18K per month in Lahore now a days.
So my question dear law makers and government:

  • Who will take care of the teachers?
  • Are we looking into a law to protect theirs interest as well?
  • I heard that there is a concept of minimum wage, but when will it be enforced?
  • Are you all planning for proper audit of schools?
  • Are you satisfied by 20% reduction “work around”?

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