Teaching Interview? What to expect ..

So you made it till the interview, now what? Let me give you some clues;)

What to wear?

As a rule, if you are going to show up at an interview at a private school in any of the modern cities of Pakistan, wear a branded suit, branded bag and high heals. (Don’t even think about the sneakers!) It is an interview just like any other job interview so be as formal as you can. IF you don’t wear make up, get used to it buddy, it comes under the category of “how well groomed” the lady is. For men, get formal, wear a suit and a tie! If a woman is to conduct your interview, work on you shoes! Also, exclusively for men, wear a good perfume! One of my marketing teacher once said was, “If you want be expensive, look expensive!”

How to speak?

Am I being mean? Well I’m telling you the truth.
The qualifications and working experiences were on your resume, so they are more into your presentation, confidence and yes the “fluency of English”. Speak English!
All the schools are desperate to hire teachers with a foreign accent. Trust me British, Canadian and American return women/men without any teaching experience, are more likely to be hired then many experienced teachers if they don’t speak well. Even if the interviewer starts to speak in Urdu, don’t fall for that!

What kind of questions to expect?

Coming to the questions, following are some typical ones:

  • Tell us something about yourself.
  • How was your day?
  • Why do want to become a teacher?
  • Why didn’t you work at an office?
  • Why haven’t you been working for so long?
  • Tell us something about your current job?
  • Single ladies might be asked about your wedding plans.
  • If you are studying, why did you choose this course? Especially if your subjects don’t relate to job you are here for.
  • Why do you want to teach this subject?
  • What is your current salary?
  • What are your salary expectations?


How to answer?

To answer any questions, keep one thing in mind, DON’T BE TYPICAL. When somebody asks you, how was your day, say things like “Going well so far, thank you for asking.” Don’t say “Fine.” with a big full stop. REMEMBER it is a conversation to know how well you communicate. They want to know if you are friendly or not. If you are able to express yourself well. Don’t talk a lot, but speak with longer sentences.

Demo or Presentation

An important thing is that you might be asked to give a demonstration. They might give you a topic or ask for you to pick up a topic and present. They want to know how well can you teach. Be confident, breathe!

Do use the board and write the topic on it. But don’t be quiet even if you writing anything, no one likes long quiet pauses, keep talking. The biggest mistake is to forget your spellings! OR start reading from the book. Make an eye contact!¬†Just be yourself!

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