TCF Rahbar Program

TCF Rahbar program is the missing ethical link in Pakistan’s education system. Well, one of the reasons I left teaching was that the ‘business’ of education has become all about “getting grades” (not that it is bad or anything) but as educationists, we were supposed to inspire, motivate and prepare the kids for a better and brighter future. That’s not happening now. I mean till 8th grade, teachers do have a chance to connect with their kids but right from 9th grade, morality goes down to drain and we are mean teachers who want good grades to get promoted. This is exactly what the parents of their kids want, grades! Who cares if they respect their lecturers or not, who cares if they have any ethical values. Keeping this in mind, the TCF Rahbar program is a light at the end of the tunnel.

A rahbar is not a teacher, he/she is not there to teach or lecture. They are there to inspire, motivate and guide the students. The whole gist of the program is to make the children believe on the concept that your thoughts (soch) define your destiny (takdeer). It talks about how positive mindset and gratitude changes the way we look at things. As I said in the beginning, it bridges gaps.

There is a hero section in which a regular person comes and talks about how he faced challenges and how he was able to change the future by making the right choices out of the limited options he had. The person is usually from a humble or a bit of challenged background so that he can connect with the kids at TCF (who are usually from blue collar families). But the point that the hero talks about little challenges that these kids can relate to is very helpful.

I am not saying TCF is perfect, I do have few reservations there, but the concept they have come up with is no doubt necessary and very inspiring at the same time.

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