Resume Design

Being a computer teacher I have redone so many resumes that you can’t imagine. I also wrote about how to make a great looking resume for teachers. BUT my fellow teachers, who use MS Word so frequently and fluently still do not know how to produce a great looking resume! Recently I have come across some horrible CVs that forced me to write this post.

It is summer and all of you are thinking about having a great time and going out for a vacation. But I know and you know that some of us are just sick and tiered of our current jobs. You want a new job, right?

There is another lot who doesn’t want a new job but just want to know their “worth”. Go ask for a huge salary, if they make an offer join them! (But don’t forget the child fee concession, always discuss it in your interview and put it up in your contract!)

Last but not the least new teachers, go through the pros and cons of becoming a teacher first!

For teachers in Lahore, I will help you make an exclusive resume for Rs. 5000! I will then forward your resume in my circle for free! Those of you who do not know me well, I have been in the field of education in Lahore, Pakistan from about ten years now. I have worked at ICAS, Resource Academia and Froebel’s International. I have friends everywhere including LGS and Beaconhouse.

For teachers in any other part of the world, contact me at

If any of you make to an interview don’t forget to read my post abouthow to prepare and what to expect in an interview for teaching!

Send me an email at, if you are interested or have more questions.