Our Differences

Indians and Pakistanis are so wiered, we are everywhere around the world. I mean you name a country and we are already there! We talk about similarities and we become one nation. We have seen all the movies, we share a lot of culture, music and language. As Pakistanis we copy all Indian wedding ideas, yet we are so different. Naturally 1947 was quite some time ago. We have moved on. I remember in 80’s and 90’s we used to watch all Indian movies. In 2000’s we watched all the dramas. Now in 2018, I hardly watch an Indian movie. I do not watch Indian songs as I find them too vulgar. We all love Pakistani dramas because we all agree that they are way better than the India soap operas.

But there is one thing that I find very odd, that is BJP. I’m a huge fan of Pakistani politics. I keep an eye on all the events and who said what stuff. We have about three major parties in our county PTI, PPP, and N League. None of them promote hatred towards India. None! Even there are some religious parties but believe me, even they are not interested in India. Pakistani politics do not run around India! But I am sorry your “BJP” is obsessed with us and they are coming. They create propaganda around us, sell it and you guys buy it! When Pulwama attack happened, we had guests over. In case you missed MBS was here with shit load of money. How stupid do you think we are to sabotage that?

I am glad we are a small country as compared to you with limited number of channels. Our anchors do not promote hatred. If you take my word on it then Google it!
There is no proof that you killed militants here. There is no proof that you shot a F16. But the pictures of yours jet and your pilots are all around media. How stupid is this?
Your economy is already betters than ours. In case of war who has more to lose? Are you guys seriously going to vote again for this Modi character who does not know what is it like to have children?

Because someone said if you want wars, start by sending your own kids.

“War is young men dying and old men talking” (Troy).

I have worked with few Indian. I know you are better than this. We are all the same if we learn to accept our differences!

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