No more blind rules for teachers!

I just heard a rumor that Punjab Government will be banning teachers from tuition and academies. Deep down below I knew it will definitely happen in PTI’s government because it’s just not national, not only for the kids but for the teachers also. You see I have been a teacher for 11 good years when about four years ago I decided to quit (I will write about the reason why I quit one fine day.) I can tell you from experience that teaching is a tiring job. You are standing in room full of people and there are loads of things that you have to do. For example keep the GOD DAMN noise down to start with! Thus you have to make sure you have to grab the students, attention, make sure that get the job done CLASSWORK! DUH! Complete the plans, speak properly, since homework, punish the ones who were driving me nuts and eventually look good!

Getting back to the point after a long hard day who wants to go somewhere again to do same things all over again? The government and the parents need to understand that there is only ONE reason for teaching after school and that is money. The pressure is livelihood.

Has anybody ever thought about what is an average teacher’s salary? Nobody cares right? I can give you an estimate it’s about one month fee of two students! Teachers work for other incentives like half a day just and summer off etc. Some school offer free tuition fees for teacher’s kids. And then again these benefits suits ladies only. Imagine male teachers worth about 30 to 60 thousands per month salary. If he pays rent, can he afford an air conditioner in a summer? I am just trying to measure the quality of life.

The only way left to earn extra is to offer tuition and teach in academies. So please come up with policies for teachers! No more blind rules!

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